Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer Slam Roster

Summer Slam Roster
These are the matches
and results will follow this post.
These are the only ones scheduled at this time I will post more as I See Them...

Hell In A Cell Match
Under Taker Vs. Edge
Under Taker Is My Pick

WWE Championship Match
Triple H Vs. The Great Khali
Triple H Is My Pick

ECW Championship Match
Mark Henry Vs. Matt Hardy
Matt HardyIs My Pick

John Cena Vs. Batista
Batista Is My Pick
John Cena is good too but here lately he plays too much in the ring.

World Heavy Championship Match
CM Punk Vs. JBL
CM Punk Is My Pick

MVP Vs. Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy Is My Pick

Winner takes All TagTeam Match
Santino & Glamazon Vs. Mickie James & Kofi Kingston
Mickie James & Kofi Kingston Are My Picks

Shaun Michaels Career Announcement...
Hope the Dr. Says he can still wrestle cuz WWE wont be the same without "The Man"
Will Post The Results Tomorrow after Summer Slam is Over!