Friday, August 29, 2008

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Gustav

well here we go again today is the 3rd anniversary of Hurricane katrina
and now we have a tropical storm named Gustav heading right for Me , I live in Louisiana
and the projected path puts us in the way. Landfall is expected to be this weekened or early monday.
Its just a tropical storm right now but once it gets back into the warm waters of the Gulf it will be hurricane strength... so if you do not see us for awhile thats because we got it and we have no power or worse no home.
I am praying for all who are in this path to get out of it safely.
Remeber i love you guys please keep us in your prayers.
Please Pray For My Oldest Daughter and Her Husband they have been deployed by the Army To Evacuate New Orleans for this storm as well!
I hate weather like this.
Love and hugs


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