Monday, July 21, 2008

PPV-Event-Results-The Great American Bash

The Great American Bash RESULTS
Here are The Great American Bash Results from Lastnights PPV event.
WWE Championship Match
Triple H Vs. Edge
Triple H kept his title even though edge was kicking butt pretty hard for a change until the wedding planner came out with intentions on using The Championship belt as a weapon against Triple H...This all backfired when Vickie came running out and took the belt from the planner and was gonna knock the hmmm out of Edge...The next thing i know is that Edge went to do a spear on Triple H and he ducked hitting vickie full force and knocking her on her butt...Leaving Triple H Still holding his Title.

NYC Parking Lot Brawl
JBL Vs. John Cena
Jbl won this match by tossing John Cena onto a vacant car and winning the match by pinfall.

World Heavy Weight Championship
CM Punk Vs. Batista
CM Punk still holding onto his title due to a double Disqualification, lol Kane came out and mauled both Batista and Cm Punk while carrying his mystery bag and mumbling the words "Is he dead or Is he alive?"

Diva's Championship
Michelle McCool Vs. Natalya
Michelle McCool won this title...She is the first Diva to ever Hold this title. She won by overwelming Natalya and making her "tap out"

ECW Championship
Mark Henry Vs. Tommy Dreamer
Mark Henry won this match but with the help of...Yep Collin Delaney, One of dreamers good friends or is he?
Dreamer climbed up the rop to take a risk jump but Collin Grabbed dreames arm before he hit the mat and Mark Henry won by Pinfall.

Revenge Match
Chris Jericho Vs. HBK-Shawn Michaels
Jericho won this match after he beat the crap out of HBK...but i think it was unfair because there was so much blood and HBK could not see...the ref kept asking HBK if he wanted to quit but he kept saying "NEVER"
This is said to be HBK career ending match, but he is so much like Ric Flair and will put his body through anything to win til i see him coming back.
Jericho said the HBK has a detached retna, but im not sure but can it be surgically repaired?

United States Championship
Matt Hardy Vs. Shelton Benjamin
Shelton Benjamin won this title by pinfall.

Fatal 4 Way TagTeam
Finlay & Hornswoggle Vs. John Morrison & The Miz Vs. Ryder & Hawkins Vs. Jesse & Festus
Ryder and hawkins are the new Tagteam Champs but of course they cheated as usual...quite unexpected out of the 2 but yet done...Now lets see how Edge will respond to their having gold and he dont....

Now I Can Not wait til SUMMER SLAM...
The Undertaker Has been reinstated to WWE or so i hear through sources...and there are rumors that he will return to be one of vickies pawns in destroying Edge!