Monday, July 7, 2008


Do you like tags,games, snags, psp supplies, tutorials
or just some new friends, Then join our Msn Group Mwcac and our backup groups NPK...Banners below are linked to groups.

---My Hangouts---

---Things I Am Doing---

Writing Tuts




---Favorite Artists---

Keith Garvey-PTU

Elias Chatzoudis-PTU

Jessica Doughtery-PTU

Joel Adams-PTU
Garrett Blair-PTU
Scott Blair--PTU

Popeye wong-FTU

Ivan Flores-FTU

Theirry Beaudenon-FTU

*Plus Many other FTU artists*

---Loves Of My Life---

Amanda & Lacey

Dustin & Aaron

Khrystal & Jordan


My Grandson-Joey

---My Space Subscriptions--

Rosie (dog), Mama cat, Podo (Ferrett), Peaches (cockatiel)

Elvira (duck), Chewy (Dog), Milo (cat)

I use my furbabies alot. I take picutres of them then
I make scrap papers by using 2 Plugins...Brigets Chaos and
Simple-Diamonds & 4 way average

---Scrapping Inspiration---
I got the inspiration for scrapping through a friend of mines tutorial site... A few weeks ago she had an issue with one of the PTU companies about using graphics , cliparts, and scrapkits with her PTU Artist Tubes...Thats what gave me the idea to help out my fellow taggers by offering FTU Tagger's sized kits and bits. This is for you Ebby.
Ptu---Pay To Use
Ftu---Free to use
Tou---Terms of use
Love and HugZ