Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Barbara Jensen-Country Christmas Day

BarbaraJenesenChristmas--MELISSA.jpg picture by melissa5931

Please bear with me...

Ill explain it as best as i can...Feel free to ask for help if needed.

Fonts Of Choice

Mask Of Choice

1 Artist Of Choice

Xenofex 1-Origami
and The Scrapkit From Cyrene's Site
Scrapkit is a FTU and can be found at
Kit Is Called Country Christmas Day By Cyrene

I am using The wonderful art of Barbara Jensen
Who Gave us this wonderful Free tube For Christmas
You may buy a liscense at her site

Or you may substitute any artist

Now let's get started...

open a 500 x 500 canvas we will resize later...

Unzip The Kit

Open Cyrene's christmas paper 5 ( I used the Green one)
and resize it and then copy and pasted it as new layer.
add mask of choice- Merge group
I have duplicated my mask layer a total of 3 times
and then merged them togetherto make it darker.
Now grab your wreath and copy and paste as new layer,
place it to the left side
of your tag, duplicate it
and resize the original
by 115 percent or to your liking.
and then on original layer apply xenofex 1 origami
to your tube 2 times.
Fold Times-6
Random Seed 50 and second time
random seed 65
add drop shadow to your liking.
add your tube and postion it like mine and add a drop shadow.
now open the bow number 1 and palce it on your canvas as new layer
Then resize it to your liking and place it over on the left side.
Add a drop shadow of choice.
Now duplicate your tube move the duplicated one behind the wreath...
erase parts of the tube like mine to make it look like she is standing inside the wreath.
add the eyelet of your choice and then use your deform tool to postion it the way you like it.
add your name inside the eyelet.
Note: I also duplicated the mask layer and resized it by 85% mirrored it and recoloured it
for an added something to my tag.
Add all © Info , your name
crop or resize and sharpen and save as j-peg.

Now you are done.

I hope You could follow this tut.

all comments and results are always welcome.

All tutorials are done by my own design...Any similarity is purely coinincidental.

Supplies were either made by me or shared through groups...If you see something of yours please let me know and I will be happy to give you credit for it

Thanks for Trying my Tutorial



"Assembled By Melissa5931"

using tiles made by Melissa5931
art by Barbara Jensen