Monday, November 24, 2008

Survivor Series PPV Event Results

Survivor Series
PPV Event
6:30 pm Central Time
Welcome Back John Cena!
Survivor Series Roster

WWE Championship Match
WWE Champion-Triple H vs.
Vladamir Koslov
Jeff beat triple H lastnight on Smackdown and vickie made this a triple threat for the title.
 This match was messed up...Jeff Hardy interferred and then of all things...Edge showed up beat Triple H and now Edge is the new WWE Champ...grrrrrrrrr
Casket Match
Undertaker vs. Big Show
Undertaker beat the Big Show
Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
Team Batista(Kofi Kingston-CM Punk-Matt Hardy-R Truth-Batista) vs.
Team Orton(Shelton Benjamin-Cody Rhodes-William Regal-Mark Henry-Randy Orton)
Team orton Won This

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
Team HBK(-Shad-JTG -Rey Mysterio-Great Khali-Shaun Michaels)
vs. Team JBL(-Kane-MVP -John Morrison-The "Miz"-John Bradshaw Layfield)
Team HBK won this
Diva Survivor Series Elimination Match
Team Smack Down(-Michelle McCool-Maria -Victoria-Maryse-Natalya)vs.
Team RAW(-Beth Phoenix-Mickie James -Kelly Kelly-Candace Michelle-Jillian)
Team RAW
World Heavy Weight Championship Match
World Heavy weight Champ Chris Jericho vs.
John Cena



John Cena!
My Picks are...
Triple H and the Undertaker
Team Batista
Team HBK
Team Smack Down
and John Cena

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